The Wellness Forum has been providing programs and resources to support optimal health to thousands of people all over the world for over 18 years. Our programs help many different people, ranging from those who are just beginning to make diet and lifestyle changes, to those who have already made substantial progress in these areas.

Regardless of where you are in the process, membership in the Wellness Forum will benefit you. First, we'll teach you about dietary excellenceTM; the science and skills to eat for optimal health. But we'll also address issues that confuse even those who know a lot about nutrition - things like protein, oils, cooked vs. raw foods, and dietary supplements.

Additionally, there are lots of other issues that must be addressed in order to become and remain optimally healthy, which include the type of doctor you should choose, the diagnostic tests you should and should not have done, and how to ascertain if the advice you're being given by health care practitioners is right or wrong. Every day, new articles appear stating that drugs, supplements, diagnostic tests, and medical procedures that have been assumed to be safe and effective might not be either safe or effective. You can no longer afford to visit doctors and other health care providers and do what you're told. You need to be an informed consumer.

In other words, we offer a total package for health!

We promise this; if you join the Wellness Forum, your life will change. If you follow our recommendations, you’ll en joy the best health you’ve ever experienced, and you're going to be an educated and savvy consumer of medical and other health-related services.


Introduction to Informed Healthcare Decision Making - includes understanding the informed decision making process; how to fine and interview health professionals including family practice doctors, pediatricians, mental health professionals, physical therapists, personal trainers; how to read basic blood tests and other commonly administered tests; and other related topics.

Personalized Assistance – one of our knowledgeable associates will meet with you regularly by telephone to guide you through the process of health improvement using education, practitioner referrals where appropriate, and other resources.

Wellness 101 – this program teaches the science of diet and health, and the skills needed to adopt a program of dietary excellence TM and optimal habits. A curriculum book and DVD set is included; in some areas, live instruction is provided

Members-Only Website - in addition to recipes and other helpful information, you'll have access to a growing library of over 125 workshops on a variety of topics. New workshops are posted almost every week.

Preferred Pricing on select educational programs and national conferences

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Professional memberships are available with additional benefits. Please email for more information.